Tri-State Leadership

Here, you get a chance to learn a little more about these great men of God.

James Chapman
Council Bishop

A man of integrity and a servant of God's people, Bishop James Chapman is one of today’s generation’s leading men. He is a native of Cincinnati, OH and graduate of Rio Grand University. As an educator and mentor....

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Suffragan Bishop

Michael E. Ford Jr.

Council Chairman

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Steve Saucer

Assistance Council Chairman

Elder Steve Saucer was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. He attended Patterson Co-op High School and was a graduate of Colonel White High School. He was forced to overcome many challenges...


Derrick A. Reeves

Resource Bishop

Bishop Derrick A. Reeves is an episcopal bishop of the Pentecostal Church of the Apostolic Faith International, Inc., and is the senior pastor of End Time Apostolic Church in Columbus, Ohio. He is a powerful, anointed man of God who is highly sought after for his teaching, deliverance and prophetic ministries....